Saturday, 5 September 2009

Season 4 : Rhinestones In Playground....

we are now PROUDLY PRESENT our newest collections....
This season will be edgier than before with a lil touch of childhood, keep playing around in our lovely playground......
HAPPY SHOPPING, fashionista !!!!

Three Zippers Studed
Code: FP1D
Price: Rp 90.000,00
Oversized Ribbon
Code: FP2D
Price: Rp. 100.000,00

Batik Rolls and Flower
Code: FP3D
Price: Rp. 115.000,00

Colorful Zippers Hat (can be used as necklace, brooch, and headband)
Code: FP4D
Price: Rp. 130.000,00 (headband bow included)

Rainbow Zippers Fringe (can be used as necklace, brooch, and headband)
Code: FP5D
Price: Rp130.000,00 (headband bow included)

Dotty Nobel Bow (can be used as necklace, brooch, and headband)
Code: FP6D
Price: Rp 155.000,00 (headband bow included)

Summer Ropes
Code: FP7D
Price: Rp 185.000,00

Silver Abstract Sequins
Code: FP8D
Price: Rp 190.000,00

Classic Black Stones
Code: FP9D
Price: Rp 220.000,00

Silver Beads in Black
Code: FP10D
Price: Rp 235.000,00

Primitive Metal Pipes
Code: FP11D
Price: Rp. 240.000,00

Glam Shiny Stones
Code: FP12D
Price: Rp. 250.000,00

Fashion Puff Crew

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Yeaaay,, We've Featured...

HELLO fashionista.....
WE ARE BACK.......
its been a while...well, there's so much to do here and we were so busy lately...but don't worry guys, now we're back with a sweet post for you.... First, we want to say BIG thanks to Tongue in Chic Online Magazine for the review.....
You can check it out here

Aaaaand....we also featured in the new Cosmogirl! Indonesia (September issue)....

We LOVE you guys....

PS: A lil peek for you, the New Season is COMING, STAY PUT !!!